Star Bereavement Support Service is  a small charity providing support  around bereavement and loss,  Working with children and young people aged 4-19

We aim to help children and young people to build resilience and find ways of coping in order to achieve a lasting impact which raises outcomes and helps children and young people to move forward.Children and young people are central to the work we do and we aim to involve them at every stage.

As well as direct working with children and young people we are able to offer advice, training and consultation to other professionals and agencies.

As a team we aim: To be reflective practitioners and to constantly learn and develop

To be flexible and creative in our practice.



My daughter now knows that it is ok to be happy and laugh even though someone so close to her has died. After all the sadness she can start to enjoy her life.

The Support Worker was great- caring and brilliant with the children.

The Support Worker kept in touch with me and gave us great ideas about how to help my daughter cope.

The support my daughter had has made a huge difference.


I was closing myself off from everyone and now I have opened up my emotions, I feel much better at home.

Star has helped me to grieve more easily and helped me to build my confidence.

Meeting people who have been through the same thing really helped!

I was only young when my Mum died, I found it hard to talk to my family but Star helped me to talk and feel less alone.


Star helped one of our pupils to be much more settled and he has been enthusiastic about attending the sessions.

The feedback was fantastic and especially about how we can support in school.

The sessions were very practical and the Support Worker made it something the pupil looked forward to rather than something to get worried about.

The young person I referred is more independent now, less anxious and more open about her feelings.


  • We recognise the often devastating impact bereavement has on family life, we aim to work alongside you to support your child
  • We aim to understand your situation and to tailor our work to the needs of your child
  • We aim to work with you and your child and offer a range of opportunities for support including 1:1, groups and family celebration days at the end of our involvement
  • As well as bereavement we also support children around some other kinds of loss for example when a parent is seriously ill, just ask if you have any questions

What can we offer?

  • A confidential service
  • Regular communication
  • Relaxed and child led sessions
  • An individual plan of support for each child
  • Help and support for children and young people in adjusting to life without the person who has died or is causing loss
  • Help to see, and plan for, a positive future
  • A team who are experienced in working with children and young people
  • A team who understand about bereavement and loss



  • to normalise grief
  • to provide support around bereavement, pre bereavement and loss to children and young people in Wakefield
  • to help children and young people to cope with loss and grief
  • to work with a range of agencies in order to improve outcomes for bereaved children
  • to reduce the isolation felt by bereaved children and young people
  • to recognise children’s vulnerabilities and to support around this
  • to provide information and education around bereavement, pre bereavement and loss to children, young people, their families, other professionals and other agencies in order to help others to understand loss and how this impacts on the lives of children and young people

Children & Young People

A bit about Grief

We know we can’t ‘fix’ what has happened (although we wish we could), these things change our lives forever, but we can help each other and slowly start to feel a bit better


  • It’s ok to feel upset, sad, angry, scared and lonely
  • It’s ok to feel happy… or to feel lots of feelings at once!!
  • This is all normal
  • It can help to talk to someone or to find ways to express your feelings
  • It can help to share memories and stories about your special person

How can we help?

  • by helping children and young people to understand that grief is normal
  • by supporting children and young people to cope with loss and grief
  • by working with other people such as your teachers so that they can help you too
  • by helping other people to understand loss and how this can make you feel
  • by helping you to remember your special person

Helping children to express feelings through talking, games, journals, life stories and play for younger children

Normalizing grief, finding ways to adjust, adapt and move forward

Exploring memories through making memory boxes, books, jars and stones

Creative therapeutic activities: painting, crafts, storytelling, role play and sand play

Positive Futures: exploring the positives in life, focusing on self esteem, confidence building and the future.

Our events gallery

There are many other activities and ways of working which we use in sessions and we are always open to ideas from children and young people.