Grief may not feel normal but it is. Everyone will grieve in their own way. You may experience all sorts of feelings or you may feel nothing. You may find it easy to talk or you might keep all of your emotions inside. Grief is when we are expressing all of the love or any other feelings we have for the person who has died.

YES!! When someone important to us dies it is one of the biggest and most painful things anyone can experience, its completely normal to need a bit of help. All grief feelings are normal. Grieving is healthy and the more you can share your feelings the easier it will become

There is no time limit for grief. We may feel very distressed all of the time in the beginning and as time passes we might not. But there will always be times when you return to your grief and need to visit it again. This is normal too.

  • Reach out for support
  • Try to understand your feelings and know they are normal
  • Speak to a trusted adult or friend
  • Work out what helps you ie more hugs or taking more time at school and don’t be afraid to ask the adults around you to help you with this
  • Share whenever you need to
  • Look after yourself really well! You are very important
  • Eat well, get enough sleep and try to do things you enjoy or find relaxing- grieving can be hard work
  • Know you are not alone and people want to help

It’s important to be as open and factual as possible whilst still remaining sensitive to the child’s level of understanding and needs. Try to use correct language such as ‘died’ rather than trying to ‘soften’ the message. If you are not sure, take your time and ask for advice. We recommend the book ‘Is Daddy Coming Back In A Minute’ to help you to have difficult conversations when someone has died

Acknowledge the death with the child- tell them you know they are grieving and ask them what might help. Remember that this is one of the biggest and most painful things that can happen to them. It can be very difficult to concentrate on school when children are grieving and longing for someone who has died.

We recommend that schools hold a meeting with the family as soon as possible when someone dies to agree a plan of support for the child or young person

Get in touch with us for more advice and support- we are here to help!

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