My daughter now knows that it is ok to be happy and laugh even though someone so close to her has died. After all the sadness she can start to enjoy her life.

The Support Worker was great- caring and brilliant with the children.

The Support Worker kept in touch with me and gave us great ideas about how to help my daughter cope.

The support my daughter had has made a huge difference.

Children & Young People

I was closing myself off from everyone and now I have opened up my emotions, I feel much better at home.

Star has helped me to grieve more easily and helped me to build my confidence.

Meeting people who have been through the same thing really helped!

I was only young when my Mum died, I found it hard to talk to my family but Star helped me to talk and feel less alone.


Star helped one of our pupils to be much more settled and he has been enthusiastic about attending the sessions.

The feedback was fantastic and especially about how we can support in school.

The sessions were very practical and the Support Worker made it something the pupil looked forward to rather than something to get worried about.

The young person I referred is more independent now, less anxious and more open about her feelings.

Our Values:


We put children and young people first, empowering them to move forward and succeed. We think about children and young people first in everything we do.


A simple service is more responsive and efficient. We make ourselves easy to engage with, communicating clearly and seeking opportunities to deliver a quality experience.


By working together we will create a positive impact for the families, children and young people within the communities we support.